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Should I tell her how I feel?

Long story short, a few friends got together and drank. This one girl who I haven't spoken to in a few years came outside with me and my friends and wanted to just stay with me. She held my hand and even at one point put her hand on my leg just gently moving her thumb (in a way showing she cares) eventually interlocked fingers, so we stayed outside together alone just talking and opening up to each other. Soon later some of the girls asked if she wanted to go home she said no. I asked if she wants to go inside she said no that she wants to stay outside still. I think shes married but she doesnt know I know. I didnt have any feelings towards her but I feel like I am now, I only started to feel this way because I found someone I can relate to. She made me not feel alone when it comes to my problems and thoughts. Her and I did have small feelings for each other back in elementary school. I texted her the next day just to check up on her and told her that if she remembers, she did most of it but didnt say anything about holding my hand. I told her that if she ever did need someone to talk to that I can help her, she told me that it was just a lot that's never been addressed and on her mind. She told me to that if I had anything to get off my chest I can talk to her. We haven't spoken then. Should I tell her how I feel? I had no feelings before that night, but ever since then Its been on my mind. Please if anyone answers can you please check back for my comment. It would mean alot


Shes maybe been married for maybe 3 years I think. 

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    it's just feelings... do you want to marry her is the question. it seems she is very fond of you. but once you up the question, she will put her heart to you. So do you want to go through with her life, or just remain good friends because you are waiting for another woman who can add spice into your life. She seems to be too quiet and the kind that waits. Are you seeking for this kind of wife or you want a sporty adventure outspoken wife?

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      Tbh I felt human. I know that's a deep response but. I felt like I finally met someone that understood me. It seemed like this whole time the person I was searching was there from the beginning.

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