Butterfly logo ideas?

So I am trying to make a logo for a butterfly conservatory. Any ideas? I've looked up many logos for inspiration, but of course they're all symbols of butterflies which makes sense. However, I wanted to try something different and not have a butterfly be my logo, but everything I think of doesn't make sense. A flower because butterflies like to land on flowers? But that would represent a flower shop... Seems like my only option would be to make silhouette of a butterfly. Thanks for reading and if you have any ideas that come to mind I would love to hear it. Other than that I'm gonna be working on different ways to draw a butterfly lol

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  • Tim D
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    1 month ago
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    "A flower because butterflies…"

    Or a flower because butterflies are one of the great pollinators along with beed, overflies, wasps and moths and are therefore of huge significance

    Or a caterpillar

    Or a butterfly's camouflage techniques

    Or butterflies migratory behaviour

    When doing a logo of this type (of any type) is do the research – that does not mean google a few other butterfly conservatories – it means going online and discovering why it is worth conserving butterflies (HINT it is not because they are pretty). Look into what it is that is causing the loss of butterflies, who or what, and how a decline can be halted. Find out about what a butterfly eats and what eats butterflies (and why they are camouflaged).

    "Seems like my only option would be to make silhouette of a butterfly" – I am going to be harsh now – if you think that then you are not cut out to be  designer.

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