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 Silent Uti for 3 months ...possibly ?

So me and my bf have been dating since August 2019 he was my ex and we got back together a year later  ( I’m 19 he’s 20)..... but anyways ..... we started getting physical around December like the beginning and I recently got tested for a uti and the test came back positive. So the last week of February. I am currently on medication it’s the 5 day of the week it’s the 7 day period one . I’ve been drinking 24oz water bottles 5 times a day . And I’m just extremely worried it could have gone up to my kidneys and could possibly kill me . 

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    Pyelonephritis (the kidney infection) gives you fever, upper back pain, often vomiting and you are pretty sick--so doubtful in this case

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      I haven’t thrown up , I don’t have a fever but sometimes I do feel cold and my legs. Feel hot sometimes 

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