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How do I make my dog stop jealous behavior?

I have to dogs, Groot 2 years old lab mix and Drax 10 month old German shepherd. Drax keep pushing himself in between me and Groot whenever I pet Groot. If Groot jumps on my bed Drax will make "play" bites at Groot to get him to leave.

When I say play bites I mean he isnt growling or trying to hurt Groot, he seems to be trying to annoy him into leaving. 

I typically make Drax lay down then invite Groot back onto the bed so both dogs are on opposite sides of me. Drax will typically leave Groot alone after that. 

Drax hasn't bitten Groot or anything aggressive, but I want to nip the behavior before it can progress. Any info will be appreciated.


I would just like to state neither of my dogs are top dog, I don't nor have i ever allowed my dogs to belive they are in charge of me.

Dogs can get jealous, saying that a dog is only upset about the other dog getting attention because they aren't top dog is just saying that they are jealous. 

Thank you for letting me know that this is also a dominance issue I will resolve that.

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    just try to give him lots of attention too

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Competition like this is fairly normal. Both vying for attention. I know it is a constant with my two dogs. If one is getting attention the other has to come get her attention too.

    My two females bicker over which bed they are going to lay down on/in.

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Dogs are not jealous, however what you see and assume it is the same as human jelaousy is pack or pecking order and you have a 10 month old who is maturing and starting to try to get up that pecking top dog gets best sleeping position, eats first etc and YOU should be top dog and neither dogs should be allowed to make a decision about getting on your bed ONLY you can invite them and make sure they both behave.......... as no one knows what your dogs personalities are and which one is of stronger temprement, no one can say which will eventually be leading the dog pack..........

    I was walking 6 dogs this morning 3 BCs aged 9yrs, 2yrs and 7 months, a cocker aged 2yrs a Goldie aged 9 month and in mini poodle aged 12yrs ALL the dogs know and acknowledge that the mini poodle is top dog, none of them mess with her and yet all of them could potentially hurt her as she is so small but her personality is 100% balanced and ALL follow her lead and as the human 'leader' I back her up as she makes walking 6 dogs a breeze and she keeps them all in order

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  • Jojo
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    1 month ago

    In my opinion Drax is NOT jealous, he is just acting like the adolescent dog that he is and just wants to join in everything that goes on and be the centre of attention. 

    You do not say what Groots reactions are to Drax`s  behaviour , but if he is ignoring it and not putting Drax in his place, then he is not bothered by Drax`s behaviour. If he seems a bit afraid of Drax, then is the time for you to be a bit more concerned as Drax may be the more dominant of the two dogs and is now asserting it by a bit of bullying towards Groot. 

    However that`s not to say they will never get along. Groot may just accept that Drax is more dominant than him. That is if he actually IS.

    Without seeing both the dogs body language when they are together,  its difficult to be accurate on just what is going on.

    I remember when I had my very dominant natured male GSD and I got another male pup who would jump all over my older male when I was playing tuggy or some other game with him and my older male would just ignore it all, even though the pup (about 9-10 months old) was nipping at him and climbing on his back. They always remained the best of buddies with the older male ALWAYS the top dog and the pup submissive to him. The older male never ever regarded the younger dog as a threat to him, so there was never any problems.

              Problems only arise if BOTH dogs want to be the top dog and then fights for that position may occur as Drax matures, but as I said, its almost impossible to say for certain without observing both dogs together and watching how they interact with each other.

    But YOU should always be the ultimate leader, and if you think Drax is intimidating Groot excessively, and Groot is not pitting the pup in his place, then its up  to you to step in and insist he stops doing it. 

    I don`t know the genetic temperaments of either of your dogs, OR if they are castrated or intact, so my reply is just based on the few  facts you have posted.


    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years.
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  • 1 month ago

    Dogs do not have the ability to be 'jealous'.   What dogs do have is to want some of whatever is available, from food to just general attention.   My advice would be to stop doing the things that produce a bad reaction, from either dog.

    Eventually these two will work out who is boss between them - and right now the younger one is trying to be that.   Be careful.   The top dog in your home should always be YOU.

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  • 1 month ago

    Read up on NILIF.   Drax really needs putting in his place before he matures otherwise he will make Groot's life miserable. 

    Drax has to realise that YOU say what goes on and not him.  

  • patty
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    1 month ago

    you have to show favouratism to the top dog.

    • Jojo
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      1 month agoReport

      patty , that is true. Showing favouritism to an underdog will just cause big confusion among two or more dogs that live together.  

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