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Should my band take this show?  (Details)?

My band is local and we are just getting started.  Recently some lady messaged us asking if we wanted a spot on this upcoming show that a big venue is hosting.  She said we just needed to fill out info and she would get back to us.  She wouldn't answer any questions about how she heard of us either.  It seemed like she copy/pasted a message that she probably sent to a hundred different bands.  

Is this legit?

Do music promoters try to scam bands?

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    If she is so evasive, then I would bet that this is a scam.  There will be *fees* and other charges with semi-believable names - and you would have to pay them to play.  And then - wait for it - the gig will be suddenly CANCELLED - and of course, no refunds to you. I have booked and played THOUSANDS of jobs, concerts, etc.  I have NEVER had to pay up front to play, and there was always a signed contract.  If you are under 21, then you CANNOT legally sign a contract - so she might tell you that your paying the fees is all she needs.  You should skip this - no great loss if it WAS legit, but I would bet that this is a scam.

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    Gigs lead to exposure. Just go ahead and do it.

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      You have 5 percent best answer - and must be a very naive kid yourself.  How many legit PAYING gigs have YOU played?  Me - many THOUSANDS.

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