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Exporting video at 23.976fps, but my video is choppy?

Additional information is needed for this.

I am in the process of editing a short-film. I'm having an issue exporting out of Adobe Premiere, where the majority of footage has been filmed in 29.97fps, but some footage was filmed in 23.976. My internal timeline has been set to 29.97 upon starting the project, however my final export is to be in 23.976. When I export, any of the footage that was filmed in 23.976 is choppy. My thought was that premiere was attempting to cut out frames for this footage, thinking that it was recorded in 29.97 as that is what the sequence is set to. This unfortunately cuts the frame-rate under 24, making some clips hard to watch.

I changed my sequence settings down to 23.976 to combat this. My thought was that if premiere were to cut frames out of my 29.97 footage, it would be okay since the final product is 23.976, you wouldn't notice. Unfortunately doing this makes all of the footage shot in 29.97 very slightly choppy, occasionally duplicating a frame or two. I assume this happens to keep the footage in sync with the audio.

At this point I am unsure as to what to do. The option of doing major re-edits is off the table as the whole film is nearly done. I have attempted to use Optical Flow, however I would like to avoid this method as recreating frames that already exist in 29.97 footage seems a little counter-productive to me.

This may be to technical of a question here, but if anyone knows I'd appreciate it.

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    I'd try separately converting the 23.976 material to 29.97, before trying to incorporate it in the final project.

    Use the best possible quality settings on that so frames are interpolated rather than just duplicated.

    It should take a fraction of the time that re-rendering the whole project would.

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    A lot of issues I've found when it's choppy is more related to bad codec and playback issues. You can try exporting it in different formats and always be sure to use VLC player for playback. Also upload it to a private youtube or vimeo account and see what it looks like after it gets fully transcoded.  

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