Help me my AirPod won’t connect to the charging case at all?

My right AirPod isn’t connecting to my charging case or my phone at all. I’ve tried to charge it and clean the case and AirPod out heavily and nothing has changed. Any suggestions? Plz help

1 Answer

  • Olive
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Try this 1. Put your Airpods in case and close lid and wait 30 seconds then open lid 2. Go to your phone settings go to Bluetooth tap the(i) icon next to Airpods then tap "Forget This Device" then tap it again to confirm 3. Now close lid on case and press and hold the setup button on back of the case for 15 seconds in till you see the status light flashing amber 4. Now open lid and place your Airpods close to your phone and wait for it to recconect 

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