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Why are women have a preference on a man being circumcised or not ?

As a woman in her late 20's I personally couldn't care less about that. I care about what he is like as a man.

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    OK, that's great but the word preference means liking something over an alternative, so why is that a problem for you to accept that other women have a preference? I'll bet you have preferences of some kind as well in your life. Do you want people criticizing you for them? It seems like a little virtue signaling going on here. You are expressing a concern that over something that is really none of your business.

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  • rick
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    1 month ago

    The women I've dated sometimes made a big deal out of circumcision. Saying they preferred cut, or wouldn't have sex with an uncircumcised penis. Not once in over 60 years, have any of them ever complained during sex, or even when performing fellatio!!! I don't think they really know the difference. They are just parroting feminist propaganda!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Common sense-lacking troll spam


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