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 This person that got hired within the company. He is not doing a good job. I tried helping him and showing him how to do the assignments; however, he makes mistakes here and there.I always asked if he has any questions. There are more issue that I can list. I end up talking to a temp person that I trained in that position. She catch on really quick. Yes, she had some mistakes, but not as much as him.  She went to apply to the position in company and told me that the questions in the interview were questions about payroll, not the dept. she apply for. Then she told me the people that were in the interview panel was and I was surprised, that some of the people that were in the panel- shouldn't have been there, because its was a conflict of interest. The person that got the job was good acquaintance with a person in the panel and pulse his wife works at the same building and know HR people within the company. Now as time goes by ( by the way I did mention to my boss about his mistakes, but nothing was done also through email I send it.)  Now my main boss wants to have me move to a different position and he will takeover my position. I've already know that position that they wanted me to go and they won't rise my wage if I change. We are going to have a group meeting soon and I want to know what do in this situation to protect myself.  I want to be prepared if in case it does goes the wrong way (lawyer if needed). This happened within 6 months time fame. 

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  • 1 month ago

    There is no "right people" on the panel.

    It's whomever they select.  Maybe they purposely selected this people because they wanted this individual who was their acquaintance to get the job.

    You want us to believe that this person applied for a job not involving payroll and all they asked is payroll questions = not believable.

    If your boss wants you to move to a different position, you don't have any choice.  And why would a lawyer get involved with this?  Your company can move you anywhere they want.

    BTW, what does any of this have to do with the person you trained that didn't catch on quickly.  Some people are quicker than others.  Deal with it. 

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