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Extreme scalp pain/burning (occipital neuralgia) muscle spasms in neck/stiffness, and back pain only occurs when I go inside my old home?

I was living in my mom’s home until I moved out about 2 weeks ago. For the last six months I’ve been dealing with occipital neuralgia with itchy dermatitis & hair thinning, muscle spasms or (possibly swollen lymph nodes) in my neck, and a sore back and it completely took over my life. I was convinced I would feel that way forever. I was having trouble breathing for no apparent reason either and assumed my former pot smoking days had finally caused some lung problems 

 I was really pumped to move though, but still dreaded all the work that I’d be doing there while in so much pain (I can’t take nerve pain meds due to a different health condition they would interfere with, and I have a limited supply of Tylenol 3 that I use occasionally for when the pain is too overwhelming, so I can’t take one every time I’m sore)After my second night in my new home, my scalp barely hurts. I can actually tuck my hair behind my ear for the first time in 6 months! My neck feels fine too, but it’s still a little itchy and burns a tad at times and such, but all these things definitely still happen if I go inside my old home, especially my difficulty with breathingAnyone else experience something similar? Do you know of any possibile condition I could ask my doctor about? I know you all can’t diagnose me, but I’d like to research anything anyone may comment

I don’t think it’s a tension/psychological stress response. I’m doing fairly well mentally 👍🏻

Thank you! 💛

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    It seems like you need a professional to have a look so basically I would recommend to ask the doctor to see a specialist doctor

    Alternatively you could try to see a chiropractor

    You also have the option of massaging the top of your shoulders somehow

    Also : dental hygiene is also important

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