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frequent urge to urinate and slight burning/pain inside vagina! is it a uti or pregnancy?

I’ve never had a uti but i googled the symptoms and it seems like i have them, it also says pregnancy so i’m just getting a second opinion before I go doctors. There is a slim chance i could be pregnant, I’m on contraception and me and my boyfriend are very sexually active- multiple times a day which is why my head is more directed to it being a bacterial infection. For the past few days i’ve had a constant uncontrollable urge to urinate- particularly when i first wake up. When my bladder is emptied I still feel like i need to pee:( oh god it’s so uncomfortable.

There’s a very sensitive feeling when i push air out of the hole and it stings when i pee. I had a bit of abdominal cramping but no other typical pregnancy symptoms.. should i wait for my missed period or go doctors to check if it’s a uti? thank you, any help is appreciated.

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  • 1 month ago

    Nothing to do with pregnancy but if it is inside your vagina then it is a problem in that area as your bladder has nothing to do with vagina area - I recently had similar in bladder but it turned out to be sepsis and kidney stones and I am not pregnant at over 60 years old

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  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    If you are having sex multiple times a day no wonder your bladder is sore and you keep going. Continual friction from a penis is making the area swollen.

    Its a UTI, see your Doctor and tell your b/f to have a cold shower.

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