Colorado School of Mines vs. University of Colorado-Boulder. Help in deciding?

I got admitted to both of these schools and my plan to is major in Electrical Engineering. Colorado School of Mines is reputed to be an excellent school, but what bothers me is that their rankings don't match their reputation.

For Electrical Engineering, US News and World ranks CSM #82 and Boulder is ranked #38. For Undergraduate Engineering Education, CSM is at #46 and Boulder is ranked #29.

The curriculum at both of these schools are challenging and the students that I'll be working with have academic aptitude in math and science. I want to do EE with a focus on Biomedical Devices and Boulder offers that option.


I got into both of these schools with a 3.92 unweighted / 1440 on the SAT. My plan is to move to California once I complete my education. I believe people will recognize Boulder more than CSM 

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  • 1 month ago

    You're missing critical issue here:

    1.  If you are getting a degree on Engineering, particular if it has to do with mining or geology or petrochemicals, a degree from CSM is going to be well regarded those fields. CU is absolutely well regarded, but don't assume people haven't hear of Colorado School of Mines.

    2.  The bigger questions you really need to be asking yourself are about the campus culture, class size, housing costs, research opportunities, surrounding town, etc.  These two schools are only about 30 miles apart but they couldn't be more different is personality.  You need to pick the school environment that will support you as a person as well as a scholar.  

    • Lili
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      Well-regarded, yes, but Boulder is still better-ranked in the area the asker wants to study and offers courses in biomedical devices; CSM appears not to.

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  • Lili
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    1 month ago

    Boulder offers much more -- it's a major university -- and is better-ranked.  That's the school you should attend.

    No brainer.

    My husband is a Boulder graduate. He attended an Ivy League graduate school.

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  • 1 month ago


    You have been accepted to both schools.

    1. Boulder has the program you want, CSM does not.

    2. Boulder is higher ranked than CSM.

    3. Boulder has better name recognition than CSM.

    4. Assuming you're a Colorado resident, the tuition is similar; if anything, CSM costs more. 

    Is there something you're not telling us, like CSM offered you a full ride scholarship?

    Because otherwise, the choice seems pretty clear. I mean, it's so obvious one wonders whether you're just here to diss CSM rather than to ask a legitimate question. 

    Go to Boulder.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You have asked this so many times.  You are clearly not hearing what you want to hear.  We clearly don't have the information you need or want.  Why not try talking to people who are working in this field and hiring in this field and see what THEY think?

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