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what do people in the U.K. call food that you buy at the supermarket? do ever use the word "Groceries?" or do you call it just "Food"? why?


where did the word "Groceries" come from? is it a German word or why British people dont use it?

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    In the US, groceries are more than just food. At one time groceries were bought at a grocer's shop, sort of like a general store for bulk items like flour, rice, dried beans, sugar, etc. Grocer originally meant a wholesale dealer of items "in gross." Produce was bought at a greengrocer's; meat was bought at a butcher shop. Now all those items are sold at supermarkets, including toiletries, cleaning supplies and some hardware, but small grocery stores still exist.

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    Groceries is used as a term for any item bought in the supermarket here. But we don't call the shop the 'grocery store' like they do in the USA. 

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