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I recently had an MRI scan that showed that my bone marrow in a part of my face had changed...should i worry ?

I recently went for an MRI to see why I was getting constant headaches but in doing so my doctor discovered something else. That my bone marrow in a part of my face has changed since my last MRI had a few years back is something to worry about ? my doctor has told me to go for a CT scan to look at it better but should I worry I don't even know what bone marrow is ?

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    That's interesting. The usual procedure is first a CT, followed by an MRI to look at soft tissue, like bone marrow. Since you seem OK using this site, why don't you google 'bone marrow' for far more than I could list here.

    I wonder what your previous MRI was. Do you have cancer or a chronic illness?

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  • LAN
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    Why do idiots keep posting this moronic kind of rant here over and over?    Why do you think that anyone here would have more or better information than  the doctor that ordered the tests. 

    The reason it's obvious that you are lying is because after a doctor orders tests that have an anomaly they explain the possibilities to the patient before ordering more tests.  Doctors don't just order tests and not keep a patient informed about what it means. 

    Stop being a cowardly attention whore by constantly posting this kind of moronic rant over and over anonymously over and over.

    Reported for constant abuse of question format on multiple accounts.

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    MRI showed something that they are unsure of, so they send you for a CT scan for clarification. Same thing has happened to me, on a couple of different occasions actually. First time was also in my head, for headaches, showed a mass, they thought it was a tumor, turned out to be mostly scare tissue, some polyps, and a cyst or two. All in the sinus cavity, they believe. From all the infections I had over the years. Turned out, surgery cleaned it all out, lifesaving. Point is, with medical stuff, we worry but we really need to try to chill, until they actually do their thing and identify the issue. Easier said then done.

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