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Anyone know anything about Dhea and fetal outcome? ?

My ob had me take this due to low egg reserve. Once I got a positive pregnancy test, I stopped taking this steroid. Had a healthy baby girl. However she is much larger than average. Still at 18 months old, her growth has not slowed down. Always in the 95%. I can't help but wonder if it's due to the steroid. Online info is limited with this. I'm not tall but her father is 6ft however I see plenty of tall parents with such small babies and toddlers. I'm quite bothered by this because of all the negative comments I get about her height from family and strangers. She looks 2-2.5. She was born small but after the 1st month her growth exploded. Anyone know anything about this drug? 

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    Sorry I don't know but if you can't find info on it by Googling what you have been Googling, try Googling the effects of the steroid.  Also see if you can find the ingredients of the steroid and research the effect of those individually.

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    might want to change categories.

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