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How do I make out language talents?

I'm having difficulties in learning English whereas I can speak a good German and French, how can this be? Does this mean, I have no talents at all in learning languages if I can not speak the presumed easiest language in the world?


I have never been of the idea, English be easy.


@Anonymus - I was not much older than I am now. I am a little more then a teenager. I would be happy to know that you can understnad what I'm writing. University has given to me a really bad point of view of my language skills. I thought, I would have done well to quit my studies.

At least as far as English goes. I'm not referring to the other two. I already know that I'm ok with them.

I would like to get an answer from you.

Update 2:

@Zirp: You mean, we could be more talented in learning some foreign languages than others?

Update 3:

 @Zirp(2): I've been learning several languages before English. I would say that learning Esperantonas first language doesn't necessarely enhance your chance of learning a foreing language. This happends with every language you study. In my opinion, Esperanto should be simply forgotten.

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    English is not easy. You have to be really motivated to learn it. Maybe the distraction of the world situation now is interfering temporarily with your motivation for learning this language. When you learned German and French, weren't you younger than you are now? That could also be a factor. Be patient and steady and don't give up. If it is important to you, you will eventually learn English.

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      We can understand very well what you are writing. Only a bad instructor could make you doubt your language skills! Do not quit your studies! But try to find a better teacher, one who will help you instead of criticizing you. Ask other students to recommend someone.

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    > how can this be?

    Because English is teeming with irregular verbs, irregular plurals, synonyms, homonyms, homophones, homographs, taboos , colloquialisms....and has a spelling so quirky that there are contests ("spelling bee") for NATIVE speakers.

    Everybody who has studied Esperanto for a hundred hours can tell you that English most definitely is NOT the easiest language of the world.

    Unfortunately, the only way to find out whether your brain is wired right for learning a specific language is by studying that language.

    fun-fact: it will be easier if you've learned Esperanto first.

    see wikipedia Propaedeutic_value_of_esperanto

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