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What to do? Quit or Be Fired - by your Brother? Please vote and do not answer w/ "let's discuss this...find a better whatever."?

I worked for my brother CEO and Owner (younger and I am older) as Director of Accounting for a 30 people very profitable company part-time with $3,500 salary. He hires someone half of my age doing my job with 50% less pay. He wants me to train this person in whatever I am doing. Should I quit or be fired? By the way, the company cash had been stolen $250,000.00 before I step in and straight out the accounting process. What would you do?


5 Top Achievements: 


1. Engineer Daily Cash accounting at front desk and stop loss at $100 a day.

2. Restructure and re-organize office work environment for comfort and pleasing and efficient.

3. Saved merchant card fees from the bank by $20,000 cash per year. Three years is $60,000.

4. Upgrade accounting system from "manual checks" to "Quickbooks Online". All payments are systematic and transparent and all incomes are accounted for with sales figures.

5. Prayed for his health and company.

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    I'd walk unless you need to be eligible for unemployment.

  • jimmy
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    1 month ago

    Take the 250k you embezzled and disappear.

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