Post-Brexit talk: Gove: UK's ready to walk away in June if no progress.Wouldn't UK be better off with 'Gove,going, gone'? Is he helping case?


- is it bluster; can an ex-journalist really know the implications of the UK going it fully alone?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Like most politicians these days , he doesn't know when to shut up .

    The negotiators should negotiate and keep their mouths shut outside of the negotiations -- and those they brief should keep their mouths shut too..

    If within the negotiations ,negotiators feel it necessary to use hardball tactics and brinkman ship -- then its their decision. They know what they want out of the negotiations ,and more importantly , what their bottom lines are 

    But one thing is certain ,if you are negotiating, you don't tell the opposition what your bottom lines are .

    • stephen1 month agoReport

      - I think you are correct, if Gove had just stuck to a short script, he would have been fine, He said too much. 

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