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What is this fish? identify fish type!?

What is this fish, my friend was sold it by a pet shop and told it was a Rose barb, we have a rose barb and they look so different, he says the shop had them in a tank with some small angel fish. When he first got it, it had more of a reddish skin, but has since lightened up, I suspect the redness was sores as his ammonia level spiked in tank for short time and wondered if angel fish were maybe attacking it. I this a Rose barb or member of barb family. He was sold this at same time as a zebra barb and golden barb. This looks nothing like the other two. It also spends all its time hiding in this spot despite been the biggest fish in tank.

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  • 1 month ago

    That is a white skirt tetra, if the petstore employee thought it was a rosey barb they should be fired.  

    Yes some stores sell painted and inject tetra and other species, it is a crule practice that kills 90% of the fish it is done to, and it isnt even permanent.  

    You can return and tell a manager you were mislead.  Or you can get more skirt tetra to build up a school of 6 or more white skirts.   You can even consider glo fish tetra, as the process that got them to glow in a blacklight was done in a petri dish, and was "if the story is true"  not harmfull to anything except maybe some brainless jellyfish.

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  • Lee
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    1 month ago

    That looks like a white skirt tetra, with no size clues to go off is my best guess. I will also say that the environment is cruel and unnatural. If it is a tetra it would appreciate being in a shoal of its own kind. Some additional indicator fish too. It will be hiding because it is insecure given the cruel environment it is kept in. 

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    • Lee
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      I’m loathed to say it as I think the practice should be criminal but.. this variety are often artificially dyed to bright colours. So if you don’t find natural partners you may find a similar shaped generic dyed fish which is the same species.

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