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What size tank should I give my guppy?

I need to separate one of my 6 week old guppies from the other one. She is just too small and I think she might even have a crooked spine which is why she’s growing so slowly. How many gallons tank should she have? Considering she’s about 1/4 bigger than the size of a newborn guppy....?

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    you can use a breeder net for now.  

    I you need a separate tank you need a filter and heater.  it should be as big as you can manage, a 5 gallon for a single guppie to grow up would work, but if you are spending the money, i suggest get a ten-20 gallon at least, then you would have a nice size quarantine,hospital/isolation tank when you need it.  

    When not in use you can keep the filter cartridges in the filter of the bigger tank.  Then when you need to re set up the quarantine tank, your filter cartridges will be cycled. and you should have an instant cycled filter/aquarium.

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