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MISOA asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 11 months ago

Why are female feminists beyond comprehension even after their conquest ?


Ladies and Gentlemen ......please take my advice never marry what you are passionate about unless you are a male ...this is our undoing and probably for global peace ..cheers!!


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this is my way of thanking female feminists of surrendering of their own kind to an an ex MRA ....<3

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  • 11 months ago
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    "Why are female feminists beyond comprehension even after their conquest ?"

    I'm thinking its due to their un-noble conquest that goes beyond the goal of equal Rights and equality now in the places they exist.  So their comprehension has to become completely muddied on order to deceive us, and themselves of what their true goals actually are.


    Ordinary person to feminist: "What is the goal of feminism"?

    Feminist:  "Equal Rights"

    Ordinary person:  "You already have that"

    Feminist:  "Well, not really because we  haven't had a female president yet (or insert some other irrelavent reason that is not addressing the topic).  "We still have a long way to go".


  • liz
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    11 months ago

    Maybe you aren’t committed to understanding feminists. 

  • joe
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    11 months ago

    because 'to be, or not to be, my dear Watson' or something like that. i think i read the reason in Moby Dick. might have been the Three Musketeers. no i think it was in The Notebook. might have been what my girlfriend was talking about when i saw that effing squirrel again. or that time a raven took a spoon off my back table. im not sure but what we all need to care about is all sex is rape!! or something they would scream in a moment like this

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