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MISOA asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 7 months ago

Why am i always clubbed as an alpha male ... i mean what the hell is alpha ?


I am just what an average straight male should be ....in other words the female of his species should have no peace !!!

case in point :


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To allow women peace is a crime against humanity for the human straight male ...cheers!!!

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  • Cee
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    7 months ago
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    An alpha male is a straight, confident male whom feminists and soyboys absolutely hate.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    In ape societies and maybe lesser monkey ones (monkeys have hinge joint arms like dogs, apes have ball joints like us) there is one "king" so to speak who in fact is in charge of everything like a dictator would be for humans. Some people like to apply that model to humans, whether or not it is applicable. I'm psych, not anthro.

    If they are using it to lift themselves up they want to say they will be recognized as the King of a group. Not noticing there are many groups, which is why I don't think it can work for us. You may be physically large but somewhere you go daily, someone is larger. And like dogs, it's the little guys who get upset about all this.

    In the ape societies it is common for the younger males to individually stage a coop and attempt to take that throne. They are reprimanded or they win when the leader is too old or sick to fight back. If you are large, muscular, or simply confident, you may find it common for clearly insecure men to attempt to degrade you.

    Now that spring is here, the human apes are coming out and attempting to secure a partner for the mating season. I get crap from weak, insecure men all the time. From the 'come at me bro' dance to speeding passed me in their supped up used 1993 Honda Accord! The really young ones seem to have developed a behavior of blasting rap music from their cars or phones as they pass me the way an ape would scream "ohh ohh ahh ahh" as a verbal threat.

    So long story short, you are witnessing high apes and non-human animals act in their true nature. I would say most can behave long enough to show you to the cereal at Walmart, but that's no longer the case most the time.

    On a side note to the guys who use the alpha-beta thing to pretend to be "alpha" to not have to do the work to indeed rise to leadership, you may be acting like a monkey to a psychologist with an attempted murder charge. Suffice to say "ohh ohh ahh ahh."

  • 7 months ago

    It's an Americanism, that evolved from insecure violent thug men that had no respect towards women or men, that did show an ounce of intelligence.

    It's usually used as an insult towards unintelligent men, but some men seem to think it's a compliment!

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    😄 Alpha males?

    They're men who are secure in their masculinity.

    Beta males are those with no balls.

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