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Claiming to be from Amazon - Person showed-up at the door asking when we are there?

A woman showed up at the door claiming to be from Amazon. She didn't have a package but alleged that maybe there was a problem with a driver who was unable to make a delivery at some time in the past but couldn't access the office (?!)

She offered no ID or biz card (like a dummy, I didn't ask, either). 

She asked when specifically we were there. She said Amazon drivers start delivering at 5 am. I wasn't suspicious (yet) so I told her we were there from 9 to 9. She asked if we are here on the weekends and again are we there at 5 am. 

Two calls to Amazon customer support. 

Amazon logistics dept. told me that some local delivery stations will send address verification reps out but I the can't verify that the person was actually from Amazon. 

What do you make of this?


Two Amazon Logistics agents advised me to file a police report and insisted that no one from Amazon would ever show up at the door. 

Then I saw this:


Verify: Does Amazon have address verification employees?

This TV station confirmed that there IS a property management team that does come out to apartment buildings, office buildings, campuses, etc. to determine delivery availability hours, etc. 

I called the number on the KGW8 report and they confirmed it. 

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    Did they come to your house or place of business?  Or, do you happen to get a LOT of Amazon deliveries returned/delayed because nobody is there to accept? 

    They came into my office...but when asked for a business card...it said Amazon on it.  It was the exact same inquiry though, so I wouldnt worry if I were you.  

    I know they do contract with local delivery companies, you can still ask for ID or a business card though....you already know that part. 

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