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should malay muslims be allowed to convert legally in malaysia?


help me a bit, this is for a university assignment 

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  • Kev
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    2 months ago

    Currently, the only state that allows people to leave Islam officially is Negeri Sembilan. Those who wish to leave Islam must declare it infront of the Shairah Court, and they will have to be counselled by a Mufti for a year. However, there are cases where ex-Muslim corpses are forced to be burried in Muslim style, such as in the case of Wong Ah Kiu. 

    In Perak, Pahang, Malacca, Sabah, and Terengganu, leaving Islam is considered as a crime and it's punished by fine or imprisonment. In Pahang, the penalty is six strokes of cane. 

    A famous convert is Lina Joy. Born as Azalina Jailani, she converted to Christianity as she believed it's compatible with the country's constitution. But the Shairah Court refused to give her permission to change her religion on her ID. 

    Revathi Massosai is a Hindu who somehow had her ID card written as Muslim. As the result, she was not legally allowed to marry her Hindu husband by the court. She was put in a Muslim re-education camp for six months and is banned from meeting her husband. She was also forced to have her baby separated from her.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Religion must not be an issue for society.   Law has nothing to do with someone religion.  you asian has to grow up and be mature.

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