Does this woman sound like a jerk?

She flunked out of 3 colleges

And I got straight As at the one of the top 30 schools in the world

And I was severely ill when I got accepted and had to work 7 times harder than everybody else to get into the school

And she knows this and she told me I wasted my time and my education is useless because she is jealous she does not have a degree

She also tells me all the time she's smarter than me

since she married a very rich man after flunking out of 3 schools and now drives a $100,000 SUV while her husband is the only one who earns money and she is at the arcade all day long playing games

And then because I earn my own money and do not rely on a man to pay for me

She tells me I'm stupid and she is smart

because she has more money since she found a guy who wanted to be with her enough to pay her bills

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  • 8 months ago
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    sounds like it to me too

  • Don't let external sources influence the way you see yourself in this world. Fück what other people think about you

  • John
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    This story sounds much more as though it was written by a drama queen, rather than someone who received straight As at on of the top 30 schools in the world.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    That would be a fair summary

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