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Would eating the Gisele Bundchen diet help me lose weight?

Eating 4/5s of all foods as veggies

Eating only grass fed meat and dairy if not veggies

No night shades

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    Yes, if you also keep your calories in a deficit.  What you describe sounds like a combination of a keto diet and the plant paradox diet.  Here's what you need to know-- then get books from the library so you really understand the biochemistry.

    1. Carbs need insulin to be used as fuel.  Insulin turns of fat burning. Eating lots of carbs from sugar, sweetness, grains, beans, processed foods, etc. can create fat storage and insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome (and T2 diabetes).

    2. Vegetables have loads of vitamins and minerals, fill you up, are low in calories and low in carbohydrates.  Perfect!

    3. Lectins are a type of protein found in plants that help plants defend themselves.  Gluten is one type of lectin.  Lectins can cause GI tract issues and systemic inflammation.  Eating foods made from grains or animal products when the animal was fed grains can increase this.  That is why many people are turning to grass-fed meat and pastured eggs.

    4. Nightshade plants tend to have a lot of lectins in their skin and seeds.  Many people find they are better off simply avoiding these foods entirely. Other folks remove skin and seeds, and cook the veggie.  

    Weight loss is 80% diet and requires you to eat fewer calories than your body uses each day in order to metabolize stored fat. 

    Books to read:  The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry and any book on keto like Keto For Life by Mark Sisson or Keto-tarian by Dr. Will Cole.

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