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I ****** up big time. What do I do?

A few months ago, I met my first bf(both 15y/o, long distance relationship). 1st month of our relationship went smooth. We were very loving/kind/caring

. No arguments. Then the 2nd month rolls along, he starts sexualizing other girls in front of me. He also got my 2013 Roblox account terminated.Then, he also had a nude folder of other pretty girls and he bragged about it all the time. I also figured out that he traded nudes with other people during our relationship. It made me insecure + jealous but me being idiotic, decides to go to my friends for advice instead of confronting him it right then and there. 4/5 friends tell me to break up with him. The 5th bff gets revenge and pretends to play as a hot Korean boy. Eventually, a week goes by of us making him jealous and getting revenge to the point where my 5th friend decided to tell him that she was actually a girl and that I was getting my revenge. He got upset, things didn't go well and we had a fight but I won it. The 5 friends I spoke to, we all planned the breakup in a Discord server. I stole ownership of his 150 member Discord server and said that I'd delay the breakup for a month. 2 weeks go by, I invite him to the server that I forgot I discussed breakup plans in and he finds out. I breakup with him the same day. A week goes by, I'm happy and relieved that he's gone. He eventually manipulates me into dating him again and I feel miserable. He threatens to suicide if I leave him. What do I do/how to let him down slowly?



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    Favorite Answer him down quickly........learn for your mistakes

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    Sounds to me like you both are way too immature to be trying to do the dating thing. Drop that fool, he won't kill himself, he is trying adolescent bs on you. Do some growing up and then find a mature boyfriend. This foolishness is not how you want to get or keep a boyfriend.

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