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What should I do?

So I'm considering leaving my fiance for a reason that I think is a good reason . So me and my fiance have been living together for almost two years and he considers my daughter his but theirs a few things that grindes my gears. We made a schedule for bed time, tablet time, supper, etc. Well my daughter had been having some troubles in school so I wanted to keep her up to practice with her so she can get better because I want her to succeed in school and do good well when I wanted to do that he yelled at me and got mad cause I wanted to keep her up for just a half hour longer (not a big deal). He seems to always raise his voice at me for alot of things. I wanted to buy my daughter a new bed frame with her baby bonus and he got mad at me for that saying we can't afford when it's not even his money, it's my daughters and I can afford it so he got mad plus my daughter needs it. Their were also times he called me a b i t c h. When I finish house work, laundry, cook supper for everyone and put my daughter to bed I like to game out a bit to my PS4 I got from my grandma who has passed away and I haven't gotten around to playing it as much cause he gets mad but I hardly ever play and he gets mad about everything I do. I do nothing but help him in tough situations, cook him supper every night, do his laundry, fold his clothes, so house work and help his kids out when they need help as well and this is how I get treated. Am I over reacting? 


I also feel like he's trying to take control and I'm not liking it 

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    It sounds like you should leave.

    He doesn't want a wife and a partner - he wants a housekeeper who will do his bidding and give him money and sex.  

    You could try seeking professional help first (couples counseling) but it isn't likely to change him if he doesn't want to change.

    In my personal marriage, my husband started out with a little attitude at times and I threatened to leave if he didn't stop his attitude.  We have now been married for 33 years and have a great friendship as well as romance.  But, you can't have that with someone who is always unhappy with everything you do.

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    • Shay
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      In a MARRIAGE it should not be "his" money and "her" money.  JOINT FINANCES work the best in most marriages unless both partners have a very high income.   He is refusing to allow purchases of certain NEEDED items - this is giving in and giving him money more money.

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  • 4 months ago

    Before you leave him look into marriage and family counseling.

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  • 4 months ago

    It sounds like you have the mentality of a thirteen year old, and your husband isn't far behind.

    • ashley4 months agoReport

      How so? I came on here for actual help..not criticism...

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Time to move on.

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