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Is Corona going to kill us or is?

1999 - Y2K is going to kill us

2000 - Bug 2000 is going to kill us

 2001 - Anthrax is going to kill us

 2002 - Nile fever is going to kill us

 2003 - SARS is going to kill us

 2005 - Avian flu is going to kill us

 2006 - The Ecoli bacterium is going to kill us

 2008 - The global economic crisis is going to kill us

 2009 - Swine flu is going to kill us

 2012 - The May (Mayans) calendar predicts the end of the world

 2013- North Korea is going to break into a third world war and kill us

 2014- The Ebola virus is going to kill us

 2015- ISIS is going to kill us

 2016- The affinity virus is going to kill us

 2018 - Nipah virus is going to kill us

 2019- measles is going to kill us

 2020 - The Corona virus is going to kill us

 And the truth is?

 Fear... is what will kill you ...

PEOPLE Turn off the TV, stop believing anything on social networks.

 Live, Love, Laugh, Smile, and Enjoy Life.

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    I. LOVE. THIS. You said it. :)

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    It will only kill about 1/4 of us. But that means that we will all know loved ones who have died from it. This is absolutely horrifying and horrible like living through a nuclear disaster. This makes 9/11 look like a little rain storm.

  • Janet
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    7 months ago

    Covid-19 DOES kill SOME people.

    I don't know if it will kill you or not. It might.

    Life is always risky ... we just don't tend to live with that awareness of reality.

    People freak out, yes. And there is no need for panic over covid-19. But there does need to be an acceptance that it will hit us as it hit China, Korea and Italy, and we WILL have to make life changes. And that some of us will die because of it. That is a reality. And we need to change our behavior, to protect ourselves and to protect others too.

  • 7 months ago

    I agree, people freak out more than they should, doesn't mean you shouldn't still practice basic hygiene, but the fact we have remind people to do that to stop the spread is what scares me.. you know a lot of people don't.

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  • 7 months ago

    looks like a media hype to me. 24/7 trying to induce panic.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Better safe than sorry. 

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