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Mother doesn’t care about the corn virus.?

Yes, I did say “corn virus” in the question because my mother willingly jokes about it. My siblings and I have given my mom so many warnings about COVID-19 but she really doesn’t seem to give 2 fucks about it. She lives paycheque to paycheque and doesn’t save anything. It’s been like that for a while now. My mother doesn’t want to stock on materials or buy masks. This morning, my province got its FIRST confirmed case and the worst part is that it’s in my city. That’s when everyone hit the stores and from what I’ve heard - almost all masks are sold out here already, alongside with other necessities such as toilet paper and so on. She doesn’t want to go out or order anything online. She claims that “God will save us,” “it could be fake news” and “

it’s just a flu, not a big deal at all.” My mom is so 

caught up in her dream world and imagination. In fact, she comes home and sneezes/coughs everywhere + doesn’t have any manners meaning I’m screwed if she’s got the virus or if items are sold out too fast and we have nothing to stock up on. I am 15 so I really have no place to go besides stay at home. What can I do? Is there any way to convince her? She’s also a toxic mother & crazy so I’m not exactly sure how to talk to her about this calmly. Help!! 😬


CPS is a joke, it’s a long story but let’s just say she somehow manipulated them twice almost a decade ago so I’m stuck with her for now. 

Update 2:

I am freaking out because I’m also afraid other panicked shoppers will buy out lots of necessities before the virus spreads further so I’d rather stock than to be sorry. I heard stocks have even dropped 23% and the stocks during The Great Depression had dropped 25%. We’re really close into surpassing that so I have the right to be panicked. 

Update 3:

I’m asking for advice, not for people to ramble on about how I’m still a teenager. I do have a weak immune system so there’s still a chance I may get it & die.

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    Protect yourself; wash your hands, sanitize door knobs, counters, hard surfaces. You don't need masks, experts are saying they are not necessary unless you are someone who would normally need a mask (compromised immune system, or a medical professional). You don't need 120 rolls of toilet paper, if you do run out there are other options people managed for thousands of years without toilet paper. I think the current recommendations are to have a couple weeks of supplies at a time. Remember you'd have to store all the items, and if you cannot properly store food stuffs it could easily spoil before being used. You probably can't convince her if she doesn't want to be convinced you know? You can offer scientific reports that explain why quarantine/semi-quarantine is important in slowing/stopping the spread and how it's different from a flu virus. Otherwise, relax, take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, use good personal hygiene, if mom doesn't want to clean, then you can clean those hard surfaces where germs hang out, offer to cook yourself if you don't trust that mom has washed her hands. Offer to go grocery shopping if she doesn't like to, don't go crazy with stuff, but choose items that will keep and can be used a variety of ways (potatoes, rice, cereal, frozen meats, bread, etc). Remember, the vast majority (like over 80%) of people who get the virus will have mild symptoms and need only the usual rest and fluids; another 10-15% may need low-level medical intervention; and only 3-5% I believe will require intensive care. Death rates are going to look different depending on the area and how those rates are calculated, it's estimated that actual cases of the virus are 10x greater than reported cases so figure that those rates are lower than reported. Areas with a high number of cases or a high population of possibly compromised people (the elderly) will have higher death rates as well, but the rates seem to be averaging around 0.1% to 0.9%.

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    What has living from paycheck to paycheck got to do with coronavirus?

    Your mom is correct. Having coronavirus IS pretty much like having a case of the flu. In fact, many people who think they had the flu actually had coronavirus and never knew it. Most of them never bothered to see a doctor because the symptoms and effects of coronavirus are so similar to the flu. 

    The people who are in a panic over a common respiratory virus (coronavirus) that's been making the rounds every year for YEARS, and stock up on toilet paper and bottled water and other "necessities" and wear face masks when they're out in public have lost their minds!

    The media is making a big hype out of this. Every year during the cold and flu season, coronavirus makes it's rounds, and then it fades away in the late Spring for another year; just like the flu does. 

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    she just figures she'll take it day by day, nothing wrong with that

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    You need to grow up and stop being a toddler. its not even dangerous. People are panicking over it. Its killed next to no one. 

    Its only a threat to the elderly, the very young and those with immune systems that are not working. 

    She's not toxic or crazy and you are falling for the panic that is making people act like sheep. Again its not even that dangrous

    CPS will do nothing 

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    jeez my mom is the complete opposite but im thankful for that. i think you should just stock up anyway and ik everything is mostly sold out now and prices might be way higher so tell her that u n ur siblings really ******* need it and i think u needa be harsh because it's your life and make sure she knows! be safeee!!

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    The first thing all of you need to do is educate yourselves on what it truly is because you do not have that information correct. You're not able to protect yourself from something if you don't have accurate information about it. 

    This newly discovered virus is not a flu. It's symptoms are extremely similar to the common cold. There's a big difference between Influenza (flu) viruses and common cold viruses. Influenza kills 10s of thousands of people every year globally. Colds don't kill anyone that has a normal immune system. 

    People who have contracted COVID-19 that have a normal immune system have survived it the same way everyone survives a common cold. People who have perished from it already had an immune system deficiency. 

    The reason it's spreading so fast is because it's a new virus. Nobody has any form of immunity to it. Just like when we first contract any other virus (measels, mumps, common cold, flu, chicken pox as examples), proven by the people who have gotten C-19, a person with a normal immune system's body will develop what are called anti-bodies, fight it off, cure it, and the person will survive. You're obviously not in the US and didn't mention where you are so you'll have to look up your countrie's official Center for Disease Control website and get the real facts. You're not going to get the real facts from facebook, television news, or any other media resource. Here is the official CDC website that covers 50+ countries:

    You can browse and learn the correct information you need per country from this link:

    Whether your mother approves or not it's your responsibility to protect yourself. You can suggest other people also take precautionary measures but it's their choice if they do it or not.  

    News media, including facebook (facebook may be the worst source of it because of the amount of regular schmoes that are on there talking about it that don't know the difference between a butthole and a zit), is scaring everyone that participates or pays any attention to those sources with big numbers. So lets compare those numbers:

    There are 370+ MILLION people in the United States. There have been 1,100 people infected with C-19 and only 36 deaths as of today 3/12/20. That's a massive [sarcasm] 0.0003% of the population. At the point this pandemic is at now people are still more likely to be struck by lightning or win the lottery jackpot than they are at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

    That doesn't mean and I'm not saying 'don't protect yourself you have nothing to worry about'. It means it's not as bad as popular media is making it out to be. You should take precautions and protect yourself. Protecting ourselves from this virus is done by the same exact practices we should be doing all of the time anyway to prevent ourselves from getting sick:

    - wash your hands often.

    - cover your nose and mouth with the inside of your elbow when you cough or sneeze.

    - don't touch things a lot of people touch. If you have to put a disincetant wipe between your hand and that surface. Wipe it down, clean it first. 

    - keep your distance from and hold your breath for a few seconds when people around you are coughing or sneezing whether they're covering up or not. If they're not covering up it is not inappropriate to say something to them (angrily especially with what's going on) not requesting but telling them to cover the [F] up!

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    There is no reason to hoard TP or water. If you're quarantined, supplies will be brought to your door. Masks are to keep sick people from spreading the virus, not to keep well people from catching it.  Kids, you think we've never dealt with quarantines before? This is nothing new, the media is blowing it vastly out of proportion.

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    You are 15. Covid is no threat to you or your mother. It would just be like getting pneumonia for a few weeks.

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    tell CPS about this

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