Would a guy or girl ever reject somebody for being too good?

Like would a guy with a B.A. reject a girl with a PhD cause he is afraid of being dumped or cheated on?

Or would a girl who makes $10,000 turn away a guy who made $80,000 cause she is worried he is playing games with her

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  • 4 months ago
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    Couples split up all the time because one feels unworthy of the other, so yes, this definitely can and does happen.  Any relationship is ultimately a partnership between two people, both of whom have to feel they are bringing equivalent value to the relationship if they are to feel happy within it.  If one person believes they are contributing far less than the other, they will feel unhappy, inadequate and discontented.  Their self esteem will suffer, as they will feel they are being carried by the other person.

    Please note that 'equivalent value' does not mean 'the same things'.  Rich but ugly men often date much poorer but far more attractive women, for example, because the man has money and wants beauty, whilst the woman has beauty and wants a better lifestyle.

    As long as both sides feel they are contributing their fair share to the relationship, even the most unlikely-seeming pairings can work out.  But if one feels that they are contributing nothing and are outshone in every way by their partner then the relationship is unlikely to last.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Sure, it is possible.

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