Does anyone know the name of this movie?

I remember seeing this one movie on tv once where these 2 teenage girls who are best friends want to go to this dance and there was another character who found this ring. The character who found the ring discovers that it’s magic and that whatever you wish for, the ring will turn one thing into the thing that you wished for. She tells the girls about the magic ring and says that it’s like Cinderella when her fairy godmother turns a pumpkin into a carriage, mice into horses, etc. I also remember the character who discovered the magic ring owned a pawn shop or something and she had these 2...uh...I think they were gerbils named Spike and Scooter that she used the magic ring to turn into 2 hot but dumb teenage boys so the girls would have dates to the dance. She also wished that she was a different person and the ring changed her appearance and made her look like someone famous. The girls also get grounded for...I forget the reason and are told by their parents that they aren’t allowed to go to the dance, so they sneak out and go to the dance anyway with Spike and Scooter, but they get caught. I also remember one scene with a mother and son, where the son’s room was always a mess, and the mother had the ring and wished her son would clean his room, then the room cleaned itself. That’s all I can remember about that movie.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Ratz (2000). Marcy and Summer have to come up with dates for the Annual Spring Fling dance. Their only option is to take two geeks and face the teasing from the popular girls. Everything changes when they are given a magic ring that grants wishes. In a Cinderella-like twist, two pet rats are transformed into hunks for their dates to the dance. The only problem is the hunks still behave like rats, and always at the most embarrassing times.

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