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Is it cheaper now to buy a prebuilt PC than building it yourself ?

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    Have you looked up the specs of a prebuilt PC and then compared that to a pcpartpicker build list?

    Usually prebuilt PC's come with the cheapest RAM, Power supply, and motherboard available so you will have to factor that in when doing a pcpartpicker build list.

    The only time and place a prebuilt PC is cheaper is in a foreign country that has a high VAT Tax. In the United states and Canada it's almost always cheaper to build your own PC. In North America, I've seen the price of a prebuilt PC come close to a custom built PC when there is a Holiday sale.

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    This really depends on what you are looking for and the specs you want.  Typically high end pre built machines have a mark up (so the person makes profit on it) so you might find it cheaper to build it yourself.  Personally this will be better because you have full say on ever part you put into the machine

  • ron h
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    10 months ago

    I found that building my own is more expensive.  I tend to buy best or just-best stuff when I build   Prebuilt co's get lower prices when they buy 10,000 processors and they pay $25 for WIN10. 

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    sometimes it can be but its way more fun to build it yourself

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  • 10 months ago

    Yes, but it will usually have something reduced in quality that makes it cheaper.  Usually, GPU since they're confusing to most people to judge the power.  Sometimes it's a cheaper CPU like i3 processors vs. i7s.

    Building your own will usually be more expensive, but you know what you're putting into it.

  • Bill-M
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    10 months ago

    It depends.  There are some very Cheap PC's on the market.  They use parts I would never consider using.   It is always better to build your own desktop PC from Know Good Parts that you trust.

  • 10 months ago

    it might be cheaper and you might be able to get a used one from amazon

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