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Are the Jews aware that Greeks don't like them and don't respect them at all? ?

We don't want you as allies 



Update 2:

David I live in Greece and I'm Greek I know better

Update 3:

God doesn't like Jews Yoel

Update 4:

TNO don't believe the Greeks and don't underestimate them either

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    Why does Greeks hate Jews ?

    Is there any politics involved or simply Roman Orthodox hates Jews ?

    I lived in Greece and did not feel that they hate Jews, but heard few saying they hate Israelis and sympathize with Palestinians, thus NOW they hate Zionists.

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  • 2 months ago

    Well, don't get me wrong but these ayrabs have been kicked off the Christian world for about 190 times until now.

    So they have a real problem there.

    That's why they don't install mirrors in their nests.

    They mite kick themselves outta their homes too!

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  • TNO
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    2 months ago

    Sigh.... Sofia, is that you?  

    Jews are well aware that there are a plethora of ignorant people throughout the world who hate the Jews for no good reason. It wouldn't surprise us that Greece isn't immune to that, which is unfortunate. 

    I grew up close to a Greek family, actually. Not simply Greek-American, but actually Greek. Both the patriarch and the matriarch were from Greece, and spoke with thick accents. Their kids, including the daughter I went to school with, presented more American; but, they were proud of their Greek heritage as I was of my Jewish heritage. They didn't have a single problem with me and my openly Jewish self, and I actually went to a few dances with the daughter (who asked me out). They've also been to Israel before (the parents were very religious) and really liked it. They have also alluded to current anti-Semitic attitudes in their homeland of Greece in front of me as well, which they described as "ignorant and regrettable". But he assured me that most Greeks are decent people who would change their mind if they actually met a Jewish person. 

    Jews overall don't have such a negative opinion of the Greeks. Many may be reserved given the perception of anti-Semitism from the Greek populace; however, most would be open to interacting with Greeks and would hope that openness would reciprocate that feeling.

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  • 2 months ago

    If they don't respect us we will destroy their churches in Jerusalem. Oops. I wasn't meant to tell you that. 

    Source(s): Orthodox Jew
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    • Robert
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      Contributor Yoel Cohen's answer is what contributor Anon Sofia's question was mean to provoke.

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  • 2 months ago

    You speak for all Greeks?

    • David S
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      2 months agoReport

      I doubt all Greeks would let you speak for them.

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