Should I continue to keep my 3 yr old home or let him go w/ his father and gf?

I've been out of work for almost a week now due to the covid-19 pandemic and my job closing school for two weeks. I'm usually ready for my break every other week when my 3 yr old soon to be 4 yr old goes to see his dad, my ex husband and his new gf, but I have had him at home all week with me and I'm scared to let him around his dad who works in the hospitals & gets coughed on by patients (even got sick twice while we were married was sick as a dog from patients coughing on him) and his gf works as a nurse as well. I don't knw her schedule or if she works on the weekends, so to be on the safe side, I told my ex I would just keep our son home with me this weekend so he won't be exposed to his or his gf's possible germs from work. He took it the wrong way & he & his gf are lashing out at me. He's abusive towards me and that's why we're no longer together. He thinks I don't want our son around his gf, but like I said I really want a brk this weekend, but my ex isn't responsible the least bit. Our son is potty trained, but is too lazy to put underwear on him that I send him so he puts him in pullups still, he (our son)fell down the stairs back in the summer and he failed to tell me, so our son & my ex father in law told me. He had a huge knot on his head for 2 months. He drove off & left him at the fire station during his last visitation drop off & my son was standing there screaming & crying. He was being an @$$ & wouldn't drive him to my car and left him @ the entrance.

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  • 6 months ago

    This is typical w a lot of coparents. You’re obviously working apart as the relationship hadn’t worked, so it’s normal to have differences. Your concerns bout infection are valid, & maybe you can get supportive documentation from your pediatrician regarding this. As far as what happens on his time with him, it’s out of your control unless you’re fearing for his welfare. In that case, you’d need tons of documentation (and $$$) to proceed w sole custody

  • Rick B
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    6 months ago

    Is this even your decision to make???? Your ex is his father and has just as much right to be with him as you do.

    If your son is unsafe with him (as you indicate with several examples) you should have filed police reports and sought restraining orders by now.

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