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Is it possible that composite chart is not good but relationship is good? ?

Any experience. I feel so broken 💔.

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    Composite charts do NOT describe the relationship. They describe how OTHERS see your relationship from the outside. Great if you two want to become a show-business act and want to look at how the public will perceive you. Or if the two of you want to go into a business partnership that relies on how the public sees the two of you as business people offering a product.

    But for personal relationships ... useless.

    To examine a relationship, astrologically:

    First, you have to examine each individual separately. No person can bring to a relationship what they do not have within them.  So if one person has anger issues, even harmonious synastry aspects will not make the relationship be harmonious. If one person is addicted to infatuation and cheating, steadfast synastry aspects will not fix that.

    Unfortunately, astrology is ONLY an influence, and each of us has the potential to override and outgrow the influences shown in our birthchart. And no birthchart will tell us IF we have overcome the internal conflicts shown in our birthchart.

    And all birthcharts have some conflict.

    Secondly, you look at the synastry aspects between your birthchart and their birthchart. Again, as with birthcharts, the synastry aspects are ONLY an influence on the relationship interactions.  Some aspects will show conflict, and some will show harmony, so whether or not you two can learn to work with the conflict, AND learn to just relax the imperfections in each other, depends NOT on astrology but on how well BOTH of you are able to face, take responsibility for, and work with your own inner emotional reactions.

    Too often people don't have that skill, or are afraid to face their unpleasant emotions, so they blame their partner and then try to push their partner to change. This is the cause of MOST relationship failures. We either accept each other or risk losing them .. and in cases where our partner's behavior truly is NOT acceptable (such as physical abuse) ... we just leave.

    How does astrological synastry fit into this?  It shows you why the two of you have conflict, and that understanding - IF backed up by your own observation of the interactions between the two of you - MIGHT help make it easier for you to just relax and accept your partner.

    NO relationship is without issues and problems once the honeymoon has died out. And love/chemistry/attachment is only 11% of what makes it work. Also, many of the issues and problems never DO get resolved or go away .. they are like a stone in the shoe and you either just let it be and accept it, or it will drive you crazy and wreck the relationship.

    Astrology cannot indicate if both of you can learn to do this.

    But it can be useful, if handled properly.

    Please understand that no one ever ends up happier in a relationship (once the honeymoon phase has died out) than they were happy beforehand. So it you want to find a love that works out long-term, if you want to attract and be attracted TO someone who IS able to make love last ... first you must become happy.

    The more we hope someone else will make our day happy, make us feel secure, etc .. then the more we are going to attract the wrong type of people and the less happy our relationships will be.

    Grow. Be well. Be whole and complete and content with your life. THEN look for someone in the same position (it takes a couple years of dating to accurately see someone else) .. and you will be happy.

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    Try to be positive even if bad things happen. Nothing is set in stone. Happiness is just a few steps around the corner. Don't lower your expectations to make others happy. 

    You can if you want to but then next time make something happen for you too. 

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    YES its possible 

     My chart is so opposite    to the one of my husband 

     but we   are married for 54 yrs 

     But I had been the one who had put lots of patience and forgiveness to make it last that long 

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    Are you even thinking that through? Astrology is not a mandate from the Heavens. Humans made it up. 

    A chart and it’s meaning will certainly differ in interpretation from expert? to expert? Obviously you are waiting on just the right spin artist to weave you a fairytale. The chart is not human or a living thing and man did not create the Universe, you or your partner.   

    Your handicap is giving away your power to something that has no power over you. Your relationship has nothing to do with your birthday.  

    Be well and self quarantine if you can.

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