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Covid-19 is interfering with dog food. Help?

I need ideas of foods I can feed my dog. He has inflammatory bowel disease, and we just last month switched him to Natures Domain Salmon. He was doing GREAT.

I dont live near a Costco so I was having it delivered. Now I cant find it anywhere, and the listing is off of the website along with most of the other dog food theyd sell.

So the arrangement was, my female gets raw from a supplier ($95 upcoming month), and my sensitive dog (he doesnt do well on raw due to flares) would get the Salmon food for $60.

A lot of food is selling out, and I am not entirely sure what to do. I am in Canada. I have access to Walmart, Petvalu, and a family pet store.

Any food suggestions that are not likely to make him have a bad bowel flare during transition?

I am VERY upset with the dog food hoarding people are doing.

He does well with Potato, less well on just peas, can eat food with both. Cant eat chicken. Its not easy to guess what will work and what wont.

I am soooo close to giving up and trying Proplan. I dont feed proplan because I have allergies, and I dont remember him ever doing well on it but its been 4 years since Ive tried grain.

FOOD SUGGESTIONS PLEASEE. I HOPE whatever is suggested IS in stock.


Also debating cooking a turkey recipe for him.

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    I would avoid turkey, if the dog cannot handle chicken (very similar types of poultry) and both are grain-fed.  What if you BUY canned salmon or canned mackerel?  Mackerel was encouraged by my holistic vet (less mercury in them and wild caught - unlike most salmon which is FARMED and often grain-fed) and is CHEAPER than canned salmon and very few people eat it, so if you can find it - (look at Walmart, they sell it here in that store) versus other grocery stores.  The canned is already cooked and the bones in the whole filets ARE SAFE for dogs.  Or, you can usually buy cans or packages of tuna.

    Next, add some cooked sweet potatoes (lower glycemic value, and higher fiber - than white potatoes) and you will need to figure a calcium source, in addition to the spine bones in the mackerel.  Kal bone meal powder (sold on ebay & amazon & in health food stores) is an option, as are calcium pills, if you can cut/split them.  Since your dog has issues with chicken - I have my doubts about using egg shells for calcium.  

    My vet also suggested adding some leafy greens to this, such as spinach, kale, collards or mustard greens.  If you cannot find frozen types (hey, the collards are usually still in the frozen section when all else is GONE) see if you can obtain FRESH & puree them or lightly steam them.  You need at least 1/2 to 1 cup of them, per meal.  (They are very anti-inflammatory, as are fatty types of fish).  Your alternative to potatoes might be plain wild rice or mahogany rice. It is closer to grass, & less grain-like.  My vet suggested (all  natural, non GMO) Reece brand wild rice & it can be bought from amazon.

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    I would just cook some food on your own. This might actually be a great time to help him heal better than before all this. Use some rice or potatoes, along with a source of protein. You can also add a small amount of vegetables of your choice, along with a bit of canned pumpkin, which is also good for the digestion. Truthfully, with the price of very premium dog foods, you probably won't be spending more, and may have a better chance of him feeling better. 

    When a dog suffers from bouts of vomiting, for example, rice and chicken are suggested, so making your own food for now, should work.

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    You could use a home-made fish and potato diet although essential vitamins etc will be missing.  And you'd need to have access to fish if not available potato!!  Our local supermarket has apparently closed it's fish counter......

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    I would go to or call the family pet store and ask what they suggest. You can tell them in more detail what hasn't worked for your dog in the past. No one can really tell over the internet what food would suit your dog, not from the little information you have given here. We also can have no way of knowing what might be in stock where you live. Look at the ingredients in the Nature's Domain salmon and try to find a food that's close in the major ingredients.

    Fish based foods with no grains have worked very well for me for many years with several dogs, though only one of them had some food allergies and none had any medical issues. I'm in Canada too. I use First Mate, made in BC. They have a fish and potato one which I used for 15 years, and I recently switched to a fish and oats one which is cheaper.

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    Others are two options open to you, the first would be contacting the manufacturer and asking if they ship direct or ask for a list of all dealers and start contacting them until you find one that can ships.  When you sign up for auto ship you get priority over simply monthly shippers.

    Next option is getting a same flavor ingredient but different brand to see if that might work.

    Third is to cook for the dog and see if he is okay with a rice meat mix until you get him back up on the food that does good for him.

    I’ve had to cook for my dogs on several occasions when there was a shipping problem and another was just not enough supply for demand.  The dog did okay but liked his kibble best vs the rice/fish and rice/chicken I made up for him.

    Good luck.  

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