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Is my Grandma stupid to still go to church and play cards during coronavirus? Was she right to be angry with me?

Grandmother (92) got a little angrier with me (female, 28) because I advised her she should stop going to church and playing cards during coronavirus. She brought up them as topics of conversation but I just let her know it wasn't a good idea to continue doing that for the next few months.

She started to get snippy with me but I reminded her how often she tells me how I shouldn't be doing simple things with my life, and I told her this is exactly what it feels like when she does this. Some things that annoy her about me is how she doesn't like the fact that I enjoy being single and not looking for a partner, or how I frequently enjoy playing video games. She is so quick to chime in how I shouldn't enjoy any of those things.

As you can guess, our conversation didn't end very well and I haven't talked to her in about a week. She also doesn't understand how she should just stay home unless she has to do something she absolutely needs to. My mother told me that just the other day grandma called and asked for bananas, but mom said that bananas were not a real emergency and therefore she wouldn't go out to get any.

Why is it so difficult for old people and children to stay the frig home? They just don't seem to grasp the fact that COVID-19 is our new normal.


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Update 2:

Here is how you can get revenge on your son for refusing to listen to you: The moment he returns home, you should tell him to wait outside for an inspection. Make him wait a few minutes so he can have that stupid look on his face and wondering what the heck you are talking about. When you go back out to see him, spray him head to toe with a hose. If it's cold outside, the lesson will stick even more. I think he'll stay inside from here on out.

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    I'm in the same boat.  My son doesn't seem to get it either.  His reason is 'Im just going to my friend's house'.  There's no telling how many people that household came into contact with in a day.  And he may bring it here.  If I have to stay home everyone should have to stay home.  Everyone was told to stay home a certain number of weeks.  Everyone here is still going to work and ordering takeout.  I hope we luck out and not get anything.

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    The church will shut and solve all your problems.

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    Some people who go to church are a bit brainwashed about the state of the country right now, so they put themselves in a precarious situation when they go to church. And when they get together with others.

    Your grandmother is an adult. She needs to make her own decisions, whether you find them ridiculous or not.

    Just avoid being around her since she's probably a walking petri dish about now.

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    let grandma have her fun. at 92 she has little to lose. let her at least enjoy the brief time she has left.

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    Your just paranoid

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    Your grandma is wrong. 

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    Because it’s just not the same watching it on TV or internet.

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