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the corona virus bio terrorism or not ?

only hypothesis


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    ...very possible on many levels. Consider the American Lyme disease - that is also a bio weapon and almost everyone is infected.

  • 8 months ago

    Built by who?  Oh right... the giant space lizards and the illuminati.

    Dammit, those space lizards are sneaky!

  • 8 months ago

    Corona is not new. It is a virus that is carried by bats and has never jumped to another species before. One theory is, a snake took out a bat and it was then caught by Chinese who eat anything that is not nailed down. If the snake was not cooked properly, that would allow the bug to spread throughout the person's body, making him highly contagious.

  • No, of course it is not, it's just an ordinary new virus. 

    Stay away from other people to reduce your chance of catching it. 

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    8 months ago

    It's to make everyone use cryptocurrency.

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