Bought an Iphone 8+ but songs won’t transfer from my ipad?

I bought a bunch of ITunes songs on my IPad when I had an android phone but now I have an IPhone 8+ and when I first was setting up my phone I had the option to sync it to my ipad. I got like 5 out of the 209 songs I have. How can I get the rest without using ITunes on my computer? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    That is the only way that Apple devices will communicate. And often, will not allow you to sort as you wish. You can rename all you want - still does of by some internal code. PITA. Years ago, I bought an mp3 player (Creative Zen). Husband wanted the same one, a year later. My old one lets me rename to resort. His, which I tried when he tired if it, and mine was showing wear - will NOT let me rename to resort!!! I hand uploaded music from a US made CD, to find the info in Japanese. Whole industry suffers from lack of coding standardization. Apple might be a monolith - but they connect to each other via their software . . .

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