COVID-19, 158 Million Americans Told to Stay Home! What should we do ?!

“The White House issued guidance last week urging Americans to avoid large gatherings, to work from home and to maintain distance from one another for an initial 15-day period” - New York Times

So What do you - The owner of a beauty salon have to do in this time period?

There's no more effective way than showing for your customers:

Your staffs are not diseased: Make sure that your technicians are quite common and they don’t travel or meet people who come from disease areas

Your place is sanitized frequently: Clean up your salon and your implements with 70-degree alcohol, take some photos and post on your fan page or Instagram

Cancel all appointments with customers who had symptoms such as headache, cough, fever…

Discount, discount, and discount!: in this sensitive time, don’t think about reaching high sales, trust me if your salon has the turnover as always, it’s lucky for you. 

So try to offer more discount or attractive promotion to your customers

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2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Beauty salons are not essential and should be closed.

    Stylists should not be going to client's homes or having clients come to theirs.

    No one will die from not having a hair cut or manicure.

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  • 2 months ago

    You should close. Your customers can wait a few weeks for things to improve. Not everyone with the virus has any symptoms. It's not enough to cancel appointments with customers who have symptoms. If you stay open, your staff will get the disease from customer who don't have symptoms.

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