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Can materials in walls and buildings somehow retain a moment in time?

Kind of like what cameras do, but with a phenomenon not fully understood. I've read that could be an explanation for ghosts.


That when conditions are right, walls and/or other materials could somehow capture a scene and play it over again at certain times.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Place itself can. Planet has it's own memory, it's a huge living being. So, just like strong negative emotions leave scars in our souls, so do painful events affecting lots of people leave a mark on planet's memory. Also, the older is an object, the more information it "remembers".

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  • 2 months ago

    I've heard that theory a few times.  I don't subscribe to it myself, but I've heard it.  And you're right, it might, maybe possibly, be an explanation for all anyone knows.

    The fact is nobody actually knows what ghosts even are, because there are so few credible accounts of encounters with them and pretty much zero physical evidence.  

    The only way we'll ever know is if someone brings a real live ghost into a lab where it can be studied in detail.  And I have no idea how to do that, in fact I wouldn't even know how to try.

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  • Gary K
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    2 months ago

    It doesn’t help when you have certain low ability individuals on sites like this who argue against all ration, reason and logic.

    This is a classic example, and definitely a keeper: “discovering that poltergeist activity is caused by static, meaning we could harness that free energy.”  Holy ****! 

  • 👻
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    2 months ago

    Yes, if strong energies are there. 

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  • Mr. P
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    2 months ago

    I don't know how it works but I can see people and images from the past at some locations. 

    It also happens when I hold objects so whatever it is it is connected to the objects be that an item of jewlery or a room.

    Things that get recorded are usually times of fear or stress, pain or exitement. It could be that other stuff gets recorded as well but doesn't leave the same depth of imprint.

     I would say over 90% of what I experience as a ghost image involves death or pain of an individual, although I have seen feet on stairs and a woman selling fish that were neither.

    In some places it is easier to let your imagination create a scene, but when that scene contains unusual events that are later found to be correct then it cannot be imagination. With practice I have learnt to tell the two apart, usually by careful research to validate events.

    Just as your computer stores data on different areas of the disc, maybe there is some form of permanent memory in reality that is not erased with time.

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  • 2 months ago

    Some people can pick up vibes from a home where there has been happiness or horror, even I can feel depressed when I walk into some buildings. We made moving pictures before we had sound yet nature can, in theory, make a recording of sound. A bird sitting on a branch singing. The sound causes vibration in the branch. If there is soft clay nearby, the wind may blow the branch and the twig may scratch the clay. As it does so, the vibration of birdsong can be transferred to the clay. 

    Once dried, you could, in theory, drag a stylus down the scratch a thousand years later and hear the birdsong even though the bird is long since dead. Therefore, there could be a chance that nature can also produce a moving image. I don't know what could permeate the walls of a building but whatever it is, it emanates from us. I haven't been but people who have visited places like Auschwitz, say they can feel the depressiveness and hopelessness of the place. Although we can't understand it, it could be us who deliberately leave something in the surroundings to warn others away from that area. Just like how a blackbird gives a loud signal to other birds when he is in danger.

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  • No they can't. No explanation is needed for ghosts other than that they are a figment of people's imagination. 


    Of course people that visit historical concentrations camps feel depressed, who wouldn't when they are shown things like the pile of human hair cut from victims before they were gassed?   You don't need a supernatural explanation to account for people's emotions when they encounter first hand evidence of the suffering caused by mankind's cruelty. 

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    • English Guy
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      2 months agoReport

      I won't return your thumbs down because that would make me look like a woman scorned also fluffy slippers.

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