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Above ground pool?

Hey! Im moving in to a house next year after living in an apartment for 25 years. I always had a dream of living in a house with a pool. My house has a huge backyard. Great for a swimming pool. But after looking at the cost of classic pool (in ground) I was taken aback. Honestly, I do not have 50k. I spent all of my money on this house. THAN I found out that above ground pools exist. My question is, can I actually swim in a above ground pool or its only a bathtub. Btw its crazy that there is literally no info on this. I looked everywhere and no one has asked this q.

So... can I actually swim on a above ground pool?  As I said, I have a huge backyard so the pool can definitely be around 60-70 feet long.

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    I have no idea where you have not been looking, but above ground pools have been around since I was a child... Decades and decades ago.

    Pools are made to swim in. Yes you can swim in an above-ground pool. Will you find one that 70 ft long? Probably not.

    Do a Google search for above ground pools and you can see what your options are.

    Above-ground pools are nothing new and you will have many styles to choose from.

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    You don't need a pool. All kinds of water born diseases thrive in water and a pool needs constant maintenance and upkeep with regard to chemicals. Plus you have dirt, leaves, bugs, and bird droppings to skim off the top twice a day. Then of course there is liability. If a child drowns in your pool they will come after you with both feet. Consequently, you will need to purchase expensive insurance to protect yourself and also most locations require you build an expensive fence around the pool. Save you saniety and money, avoid risk, and find a more realistic endeavor. Pools are mostly monkey see ... monkey do. Once the novelty wears off, you'll dream of simpler times. 

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    They were made for awhile. I installed them.  This is especially where the septic field gets in the way so you got to go above ground.     The pool is  4 feet deep and considering you swim on the surface so there is a lot of water below you that is untouched. There is no diving. If you swim it is enough 10'x15' is a lot of pool.

    .   Then I saw an inground pool that could also be above ground that was basically a ditch in width say 40" and 3 feet deep and 15' long and that is all that is needed for a swimmer.  That would be more economical.  Isn't as much fun as the beach, as there are no babes in bikinis and a pool needs maintenance even if you don't use it and it rains alot as that changes the PH levels.  Pools can be a pain.  You also have to fence it in so no kids can gain entry and drown themselves.  You city has bylaws re. pools.

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    yes when it is summer and hot out I think you wont care anymore just as long as you have one they are easy to take care of too and they really dont cost that much neither

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  • Barry
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    There are pools and there are pools. Above ground versions that you can swim in still need need associated equipment and maintenance. I maintained a school pool for some years. It comprised 25mm marine ply panels supported at the joints by steel RSJs concreted into the ground. It was lined with a plastic liner which sat on a sand base. There was a pump and filter to collect debris and a vacuum facility to clean the bottom. I added chlorine daily which had to be carefully tested. I reckon I spent two hours a day maintaining the pool and surrounding area. But a lot of kids used that pool!

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    Of course you can actually swim in an above-ground pool. But if you spent all your money on the house, you aren't going to have enough to put one of those in your yard either. 

    And the expense of having ANY pool on your property is ongoing and high. You'll pay for filtering, privacy fencing, covers, pool chemicals, and water. Pools are NOT like bathtubs--they require constant care. They require a LOT of care. And they often devalue the house because only very few people who would buy it would want the upkeep or the added cost. So if you had to sell after installation, you will get a lot fewer buyers. That could cost you even more.

    You should do a lot more research before even trying this--and budget for it carefully. 

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    above ground pools are just a big bath

  • 6 months ago

    It's a money pit and wont last, moldy mess in the winter.

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    I have an above ground pool, because the cost of the inground pool and the property tax increase wasn't worth it. My pool is oblong, and I swim laps in it. They come in all different shapes and sizes! You will love it!

  • Nancy
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    Of course you can swim in them.  It's a "swimming" pool after all.  Have you never seen an above-ground pool before?  They come in all sizes and shapes.  However, you should make sure that there aren't zoning laws or covenants that prevent you from having one, though.  Many home owner's associations and local zoning laws and covenants prohibit the installation of an above-ground pool.  If one is allowed, then build one.  If the property and home's elevation are right, what many people do to make an above-ground pool appear to be an in-ground pool is build a deck that extends from the back of the house and goes around the above-ground pool such that when you're on the deck and walk up to the pool the pool is at your feet, the deck and above-ground pool couched within it costing less than an in-ground pool.

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