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Am I over thinking? Should I get tested? (Caronavirus)?

1st, stomach was slightly upset. Then diarrhea for a day or 2.  Also, a slight cough started 3-4 days ago. They're short, quick "dry" coughs. At first, maybe 4-5x an hour, now about 8-10x. No fever. This afternoon, I felt like my forehead heated a bit. I felt w/ back of my hand, not hot, but warm. Also, a few days ago i ate pickle flavored chips + the inside of my mouth sort of went numb.. I also felt around with my tongue + felt a smallish bump. I also lost sense of taste in that area (Noticed when I got a drink 2 hours later) I asked my husband, he said it might be a cold sore. It disappeared before the day was over.  Also, I have bouts of nausea from time to time, however, THAT could also be BC of blood sugar. I was diagnosed with diabetes 3 yrs ago. My blood sugar is usually low or norma

- I've had issue with my teeth/gums for a month. Admittedly, I do have 2 cavities. I've used Paradontex, it works amazing wonders. (It doesn't exactly hurt, my mouth is just super sensitive) - When I wear a cloth facemask, there is a noticeable difference in my coughing + I  feel better. My gums don't bother me either . My husband keeps saying it's probably a reaction to dust. To me, he makes it sound like we live in a dust bowl. (We don't) However, I've bought + received 2 crystal orders lately, + coughing 100% began when I received the f1st package. (It's common to buy crystals/stones that need cleaned or attract dust easily)    PLEASE only serious and mature responses


Two orders means, ordering product from a company, two times. Very simple. Doesn't matter what for. A hoodie from one shop on Monday, then two t-shirts a week later. Two orders ;) 

It's also hard to believe that people who've had an account for a decade are STILL using this to attack others. Are you going to grow up? Ever? Again, it's simple. If you can't be mature, don't answer the question. Your points here aren't gonna get you nothing but points. 

Feel better?

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    When to Seek Medical Attention

    Emergency warning signs include*:

    •  Temperature

    •  Trouble breathing

    •  Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

    •  New confusion or inability to arouse

    •  Bluish lips or face

    This list is not all inclusive.

    [*] Please consult your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.

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      not Covid-19

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    Are you really that dumb

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  • 2 months ago

    You sound mentally ill.

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  • 2 months ago

    Sorry, you received two crystal orders?  You're not sick, but you are a headcase.  

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