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How long does someone have to send out 1099 misc? Is it extended due to coronavirus?

My "employer" is supposed to send me a 1099 misc. I do contract work for him when he's backed up with construction jobs.

Last year I didn't receive this until the end of March.

This year still nothing. He said he was going to his tax person weeks ago and she'd send me it. But it never happened I have contacted him multiple times requesting the form or even just the total of what he paid me to confirm it's the same as what I have added up and I always get "I will tonight" or "I will tomorrow". Then he never does and I get "got a lot going on". Which isn't true. He's just a lazy irresponsible person.

This last conversation he informed me the tax deadline had been extended due to the coronavirus. Which is true... but idc. My wife and I would like to file our taxes already.

I keep copies of all the checks he writes me so I would file with just my own assumption of what I think he paid me from adding them, but last year his number was different than mine. (I'm assuming he lost or forgot about a payment cause it was less..).

So when exactly is he supposed to be sending this form by and is there something I can do to get this sooner? Does he really have longer to send it to me due to the tax filing extension?

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  • ricky
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    11 months ago

    End of March is when you call IRS. If you have not received it. Document your request, and his response.

  • Eva
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    11 months ago

    The 1099MISC was supposed to be mailed to you by January 31. There is no extension for that. You do not have to wait for him to send you the form. You know what you were paid and that's what you report. You are responsible for reporting all your self-employment income whether or not you receive a 1099.

  • 11 months ago

    It was due January 31. He doesn't have longer; he doesn't even have this long. He's already almost 2 months late.

  • Erik
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    11 months ago

    They were supposed to be sent out in January.  At my second job I receive a 1099-MISC and the owner sold the business late last year.  I got the one from the old owner, but nothing from the new owner.  I finally contacted him, and he said I didn't make more than $600 so he didn't send one out.  That doesn't match up with what I have, but if he doesn't report it to the government it won't matter.  In your situation I would just make my best guess, and if it's off by a little bit, deal with it later on down the road.

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  • 11 months ago

    He is supposed to send it by January 31st.

    But it doesn't matter.  A 1099-MISC is informational only.  You are supposed to keep accurate records of your income and you would file taxes based on this income.  The 1099-MISC is supposed to be used to validate your records.

  • 11 months ago

    It was supposed to be out by the end of January.

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