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Any bjj guys here?

Hey whats up jiu jitsu world. I have a quick question for you. I love bjj, I have since I first watched a ufc fight, 4 years ago. I live in a 3rd world country, and we dont have bjj clubs here. In fact, people dont even know what it is. And unfortunately, where I live there are many street fights, everyday

 I did all my research and bjj is definitely the best self sense martial art for 1on1 scenarios, by far. I love bjj, but I am more interested in the real life/self defense aspect of it. For example ( I dont really care about omoplatas or kneebars or complicated submissions like that because even if I did, i dont have a bjj gym to practise. Anyways, my q to u is, can i train bjj at home by myself? I already train boxing by hitting the bag and I must say, i improved a lot. Sure, I cant beat a pro boxer and maybe not even an amateur, but training boxing at home by hitting the bag, watching videos etc, and plus me being very fit obviously makes me a better fighter than average people who have never trained, right? (And 99% of people never trained a martial art). Anyways long story short, I want to know basic jiu jitsu: mount position,full guard, takedown, RNC, guillotine, armbar and kimura. Can i learn these by myself at home? I know there is no physical resistance but I believe just watching (i watch like 3-4 hours bjj techniques daily) and rehearsing it on my mind and laying on the floor.


So basically, will doing all of that at home, make me a better ground fighter compared to 100% of people in my country, that dont even know what bjj is? Honestly, can I choke people unconscious if/when street thugs attack me again? 

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    Japanese jiu jitsu ftw lol

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