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do kpop companies accept anyone of any weight?

okay so i really want to audition for a company like jyp, bighit x source music, cube, woollim, and some others but i'm more to the heavier side. however, i'm currently trying my best to lose weight as well as grow taller. so was wondering if kpop companies accept anyone of any weight as a trainee? if I pass the first audition or get accepted as a confirmed trainee i'll definitely do my very best to lose as much weight as i can. my height's 153cm and im really heavy, i'm 58 kg but i swear im doing my best to lose weight!! please answer my question, tysm <3

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No. Look at how many kpop singers have committed suicide trying to be perfect. There’s a clause in their contract that they have to maintain a certain weight. If they’re over it, they’re put on strict exercise and diet plan to get them down to their ideal weight. 

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