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Garden music?

I had the idea to setup a music system for my garden I just dont know where to start.

Im trying to make it so it plays some nice music it doesnt have to be very loud and its very important that it works on a timer so it automaticcly turns on and off. Since i dont have a pc at home it would be best if the whole setup doesnt work with Bluetooth  or internet.


P.s I live in a small village practiclly all alone and im talking about an indoor garden 😁

So no need to worry about the neighboors.

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    You can use an MP3 player as the music player and you can use an electrical timer to turn your amplifier on and off. Some amplifiers may not be able to turn on on its own because they will only go into standby mode when power is provided.. If so, an amplifier made for car audio systems can be used. They have a wire that will turn the amp on if it is given power.  You can also use a CD player and set it to play a CD in repeat mode. Keep it playing all the time if you want the music to come on automatically without you being present to start the CD player. It does not use that much power, only around 20 watts.

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  • 2 months ago

    Use an ordinary stereo system and a plug-in timer.  


    The stereo should have a physical power switch rather than an electronic one. 

    Get in-person assistance from someone in your area who knows this stuff. 

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    Great how selfish can you get? What about your neighbours who want to be quiet.

    Another selfish snowflake.

  • Cara
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    2 months ago

    Oh, your poor neighbours!

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