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Advice for a head injury? ?

So I fell backwards 2 days ago and hit the back of my head on a doorway. I got checked by my university doctors and they said everything seemed fine and to take it easy. I haven’t had any symptoms of major I injuries other than pain in the spot that I hit it (back, top, rightish side) along with a bump that formed and a little bruising or pink coloration. However, today I noticed I get a pain in a different part of my head that I didn’t hit when I fell. I feel this only when I talk loudly, specifically when saying “e” sounds or when I move my head to quickly such as when I bend down and stand up . I have also heard a very very faint cracking noise when move my head sometimes. I’m a bit concerned since l know an injury to the head shouldn’t be taken lightly but I’m not sure of this pain is something normal after a fall. 

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    GO SEE A DOCTOR AND TELL THEM THAT yahoo answers gonna get you killed.

    thank you

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