in order to copy a dvd to your computer do you need a dvd ripper?

i asked earlier did anyone know of any free dvd rippers, but i got no answers, except one recommending handbreak software - which i don't like the look of because it looks too complicated and i'm only a computer beginner..

so i'm wanting to know is there any other software, a dvd ripper that is free and easy to use?

i have a dvd film i want to copy to my computer as a file, so i don't have to insert the dvd everytime i want to watch the film?

do you need a dvd ripper to copy a dvd to a computer or can you just copy a dvd to a computer without having to use a dvd ripper?

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  • Bill-M
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    2 months ago
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    Yes, You need a DVD Ripper.   I use a program called  "MAKE MKV"

    this is the web site for download.  It is a Free program.

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